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Datum: 14.06.2000

The Yellowknifer

Ebke waits & Two more arrested

Ebke waits

Bail hearing postponed for German national

Dawn Ostrem Northern News Services Yellowknife ( Jun 09/00) - Walter Lothar Ebke appeared in Supreme Court in Yellowknife Thursday for a scheduled bail hearing but it was adjourned to June 15. Ebke, 46, is wanted by German authorities for his alleged involvement with the Revolutionary Cells, a German terrorist organization. At the request of Adrian Wright, Ebke's new defence counsel, the hearing was adjourned for a week so defence could be better prepared to go ahead. Concern was expressed by Justice J.E. Richard about a still unset date for an extradition hearing. According to the Extradition Act if a certain amount of time passes after a provisional arrest and the extradition partner (German Republic) has not provided supporting documents, Ebke may be discharged.

"The law requires the court not to sit on this, we've got to have a hearing," Richard said. The Yellowknife RCMP executed the provisional arrest warrant on behalf of the German federal attorney general on May 18. The German authorities have 75 days from that date to provide information. "I'm not in a position to set a date because no documents have been provided by the German Republic," Wright explained. A lawyer also appeared representing the CBC in an attempt to remove a publication ban on evidence that will be heard at the bail and extradition hearings. He is attempting to have the matter spoken to on or before the bail hearing next week. 14.6.2000

Two more arrested

Lothar Ebke's live-in business partner charged with fraudulently entering Canada

Dawn Ostrem Northern News Services Yellowknife ( Jun 07/00) - Two Yellowknife residents were arrested last week and charged with offenses under the Immigration Act. Regina Erika Pfeifer, 38, who has been living with Walter Lothar Ebke, the man facing extradition for alleged terrorist activity in Germany, was charged with fraudulently entering Canada as a landed immigrant. "She has been a (landed immigrant) since the mid-1990s," explained Sgt. Phil Johnson of the Yellowknife RCMP. Also, Yellowknife's William Andrew Spaulding, 49, has been charged under section 94(1)(m) of the Canada Immigration Act. "Spaulding is a Canadian citizen and he is charged with assisting or aiding her," Johnson said. Spaulding, a Canadian citizen, operates Andrew Spaulding Construction and has been involved in other community organizations such as a being a board member of Ecology North. Johnson said details about the fraudulent measures used in Pfeifer's immigration will likely be explained July 25 when the two will appear in territorial court in Yellowknife. "Because it's before the court, it's inappropriate to comment on the way they are alleged to have carried out the offence," Johnson said. Crown counsel Sue Kendall did however confirm that this charge -- section 94(1)(b) under the Canadian Immigration Act -- would be issued in the situation of a false marriage. Both Spaulding and Pfeifer were released from custody shortly after their arrests. Pfeifer and Ebke have operated the bed and breakfast, known for the RCMP boat sunk into the front lawn, since last summer. Ebke, who is a Canadian resident, is facing extradition after German federal authorities asked the Canadian government for assistance over the past months with his arrest. Ebke was arrested under a provisional arrest warrant by Yellowknife RCMP on May 17 and is currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing in Yellowknife Thursday and Friday of this week.