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Ebke arrest Unconstitutional, Lawyer says

Ebke arrest Unconstitutional, Lawyer says

The lawyer for a Yellowknife resident facing extradition to Germany will argue his client's arrest was unconstitutional.

Forty-seven-year-old Lothar Ebke's extradition hearing started Tuesday. German authorities allege Ebke was involved with a radical left wing group called the Revolutionary Cells in Berlin in the 1980s.

They say they have evidence Ebke was involved in the shooting of a judge, and the bombing of a welfare office in Berlin.

Ebke's lawyer, Wes Wilson, plans to argue the whole process is unconstitutional. "We will also bring an application to stay the proceedings because Mr. Ebke was unlawfully arrested and detained and it was unlawful to put him through this process," he says.

Wilson will not say how the process is unlawful until he goes before the court Wednesday. However, he did ask an RCMP officer in court about how Ebke was arrested. She revealed that one of the documents used to get permission to arrest Ebke was obtained without a search warrant.