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30.08.2001 19th day in court:

The Crown Witness points out: "this is normal business".

Todays day of court proceedings ended shortly after 12:00 noon. The Presiding Judge Gisela Hennig had announced earlier that due to the poor health of one of the other judges, this day would have to be cut short. As news trickled out in the afternoon, his health worsened, so that the next two days in court were cancelled.

Today the examination by the defence focussed on the financial situation of the Crown Witness Tarek Mousli. Councel Silke Studzinski and her colleague Andrea Wuerdinger asked Mousli about his credit situation and about obligations through leasing, insurance and rental contracts. Furthermore they questioned about other payment duties and his private and business income and expenses. Hesitating and often only after certain suggestions by the defence, the Crown Witness admitted, that his financial situation was less rosy than previously demonstrated.

Hereby Mousli declared exceeding his overdraft credit line and missing and delaying payments as "common business practice". Besides several already known (private) credits he today also admitted that he took over two existing credits when he became a partner in the "Snoops" fitness studio with a total of 100.000 DM.

The court case will resume on Sept. 07. 2001 at 9:15am.