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Court hearing postponed again

In the name of all defence councilors, councilor Eisenberg, handed in the rebuke that was anounced on the last court appearance, regarding the composition of the supplementary judges. After a written statement of the federal crown prosecutor, court will make a decision about the rebuke on the next court appearance.

Furthermore, councilor Kalek filed an application for a stay of proceedings in the main court case, as a fair trial is no longer guaranteed. Councilors Wuerdingwer and Geimicke supported the application.

Councilor Kalek argued, that during the pretrial period and through the investigation by the Federal Prosecutors Office, two core elements of the European Common Law were violated: the equality between crown and defence and the investigation in a contradictory court case.
The main court case was interrupted after 2 hours.

The trial will continue on Thursday, April 04.2001, 9:15 am