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28.06.2001: 10th day in court:

Defence councilors claim bias

The Court refused today, to force the Crown Witness Tarek Mousli to testify.

Subsequently, the defence announced that they will hand in applications for bias of the Court. These were handed in partly in the afternoon. The Court decided therefore, to skip tomorrows day in court in order to have time to consider the applications.

Last week, the Crown Witness was supposed to declare, what reasons he had to become a crown witness. Regarding a telephone call in November 1999, there were serious differences between the statement of the Crown Witness and a witness from the Federal Prosecutor. The Court had decided earlier today, that Mousli has the right to refuse the answer to this question, as his live and his safety might be jeopardised.

The court case will( quite likely) be continued on Juli 05, 2001.