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More contradictions to the statements of the former partner of Mousli

In the first part of todays court proceedings, the defence continued the examination of Mousli about the Korbmacher complex and tried to solve some of the numerous contradictions between Mouslis statements and the statements of his former partner Karmen T. Focus was again the participation of the Crown Witness on the attack against the Judge at the Federal Court. Mousli remained at his position, that he only listened to the police radio during the attack. Karmen T. had stated, that Mousli had outed himself as the triggerman during the knee cap attack.

Today again, Mousli was unable to explain, why his former girlfriend, who was never part of the (political) scene and who's only knowledge about the attack was the result of the stories told by the Crown Witness, came to her statement. He also was unable to explain, who, if not he, was the second person on the motocycle. For other contradictions, that resulted through the different statements and that were reproached today, the Crown Witnes didn't have an explanation. Consequently he said more often, that not he , but Ms. T. would have to be questioned. Another focus was the "debriefing" meeting about the Korbmacher attack and the preparation period. Here the Crown Witness rarely came up with detailed descriptions and showed frequent memory gaps. The question, if his position regarding political actions, that include injuring persons, would be different today, was denied by the witness. He"has always declined attacks on other persons" and could not remember that he has ever seen this differently.

In the afternoon, the Presiding Judge Hennig started the examination regarding the attack against the ZSA, where a hole was blasted into the outside wall of the building in February 1987.
Mousli stated that he took part in the preparation and the attack itself.

The court case will continue Thursday 30.08. 2001 with this issue.