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23.08.2001 :

The attack on G. Korbmacher.

Contradictions regarding the participation of Tarek Mousli. Today Tarek Mousli was examined about the attack against the Judge at the Superior Court Guenter Korbmacher in September 1987. At that time, Korbmacher was shot in front of his residence in Berlin Zehlendorf with a small calibre pistol into the upper leg. In a statement of a group of the RZ about the attack, that was read today, the attack was declared as "punishment" of a "burocrat".

Mousli, who first was questioned by the Presiding Judge Hennig and afterwards by the Supporting Judge Hanschke, stated that within the group where he was a member of, there was a controversial discussion about the attack. Although he had some concerns, he took part in the preparation process. Together with "Sebastian", according to Mousli this was Lothar E., he observed the surroundings of Korbmachers residence over an extended period. But on the day of the attack, he and "Sebastian" were listening to the police radio in a save apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg. When questioning the witness, the judges Hennig and Hanschke only superficially touched the issue, that Mousli former girlfriend Karmen T. had stated to the police in an interview, that Mousli had told her, he himself was the person who shot at Mr. Korbmacher. Mousli denied this story today again and commented that Karmen T. must be confused.

Late afternoon, the defence decided to examine Mousli more intensly regarding the Korbmacher complex. Here the contradiction between Mouslis statement and the one of Karmen T. played the main role. Even after intense questioning it remained open, how Ms. T. could be convinced, that Mousli himself shot at Korbmacher. The question, who rode the motocycle when the shots were fired, remained unanswered. Mousli declared that he has no knowledge about that.. He even couldn't remember, if they talked afterwards about the issue. But he admitted, that some time before the attack, he did test drive the motocycle.

The court case will continue Friday August 24, at 9:15.