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22.06.2001: 9th day in court

Crown Prosecutor Christian Monka heard as witness.

Monka, who is, within the Federal Prosecutors Office, assigned to the RZ case, reported about his contacts to Mousli. According to the 37 year old man from Stuttgart, he had contact with Mousli after his arrest on April 14, 1999 for the first time. At that point he informed Mousli about the Crown Witness Program.

During the first interview by a prosecutor, Monka repeated his instruction on June 16th, 1999. At that point, Mousli didn't want to accept the offer. But at that time he made some "confession like" statements about the posession of explosives, without making statements about other persons.

Monka was persent, when Mousli was questioned by Judge Dr. Wolst during a bail hearing, before he was released on bail.

When Mousli was rearrested on November 23rd, 1999, Monka was present again and reiterated his instructions about the Crown Witness Program. At that time Mousli renounced the right to a lawyer. On the same evening, Mousli requested through BKA officer Schulzke a meeting with Monka. During the following meeting, he (Monka) pointed out to Mousli, that he would have not only to testify fundamentally, but that he also had to come up with highlights. Mousli, " a man with clear words", according to Monka, had to do high class recognaissance work and name also the people in the background.

Consequently, this was followed by numerous interviews through the BKA, where he partly participated.

According to Monka they met again when Mousli was charged and for the last time during Mouslis trial.

The court case will continue Thursday, June 28th, 2001 at 9:15 with the ongoing examination of Crown Witness Tarek Mousli.