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21.06.2001 :

8th day in court

Witnesses are silent, Court look on

After only two hours, the examination of the crown witness Tarek Mousli was interrupted. The court was convinced that they should invite the chief of the

Witness Protection Program of the BKA, Elmar Graf, to testify as a witness.

This would be the only way to decide about an application of the defence from the last court day, wether the Court should force Tarek Mousli to testify about a telephone conversation with his former girl friend that happened in November 1999.

Mousli today refused again to testify about this phone call, that happened directly before he agreed to become a crown witness, and declared that he had in fact signed an agreement that doesn't allow him to report anything in relation to the Witness Protection Program.

BKA officer Graf was supposed to tell the Court about this agreement. This in fact didn't happen, as the witness blocked further examination with answers like: I'm allowed only, to report about general considerations within the Witness Protection Program.

The court contributed to this farce, as it frequently supported the opinion of the BKA officer. The court also refused, without giving reasons, to force the witness to testify.

The Presiding Judge Hennig will consider a request to ask the BKA if they would be willing to widen the permit of their officers to report more details.

The court case will continue on Friday June 22nd with the examination of crown prosecutor Monka.