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20.07.2001: 15th day in court

Former BKA officer still with wide gaps in his memory

Today the court dealt with three issues. The examination of the former BKA officer Schulzke continued.

Among the visitors was the member of parliament Ulla Jelpke (PDS) as an observer for the support group.

Further issues were Mouslis telephone call while being at the Federeal Court in Karlsruhe and several applications of the defense.

The examination of Schulzke regarding the identification of the accused showed numerous gaps in his memory and he retreated to the wording: "If this is what you found in the files, then it happened this way". But it also became obvious, that the files are not complete and that he is responsible for this himself. Talks between Schulzke and Mousli, that occured at the very end of 1999, regarding his last chance to become part of the Crown Witness Program are not filed at all. Schulzke, who didn't leave a very stable impression in court today, and who had some more files faxed to him yesterday after court from the BKA in Meckenheim, confirmed at least, that he talked to Mousli about the issue. But he didn't remember the wording of the conversation.

Questioned about the fact, that he - already in the court case against Mousli and again in his examination yesterday-stated, that Mousli ,specially regarding "Siggi", didn't know first and family name, Schulzke couldn't give an answer. He described only in a very wide way, under what criteria the pictures were chosen before they were shown to Mousli. "We put people on the list who have connections to RZ ,Red Zora or Autonomous Groups from all over the Federal Republic". With a certain feeling of relief from all sides, Schulzke, "the experienced officer of the BKA", was dismissed after his desolate statements over the last two days.

Again the telephone call, that Tarek Mousli had with his former girl friend while beeing at the federeal court building in Karlsruhe, was brought up as an issue of the court case. Councelor Euler, as he had already done while Federal Prosecutor Monka took the stand in court, wondered, why O. was never interviewed as a witness, although she might have some deeper knowledge about the case.

Councelor Kalek filed a motion, in order to test the credibility of the crown witness Tarek Mousli, to have the filed interviews of the Federal Secret Service(VS) and Mousli submitted to the court, to find out the truth. Supported was this motion by conuncelor Studzinsky, who asked for all the files of prevoius interviews even if they were years old and also to add the files of the provincial Secret Service from the province of Schleswig Holstein, Mouslis former residence. A previous application of the defence, to submit a interview protocol from November 2000, had been dismissed.

Two other applications of the defence were also dismissed: a motion to limit the right of Mouslis councelor Birkhoff to acces all files of the case; and the written correspondence between Birkhoff and the federal Prosecutor Griesbaum will not be made public.

Councelor Lunnebach filed a application for bail regarding Matthias B, that might be decided by the evening.

The court case will continue Thursday August 17 at 9:15 (after the summer break) and is set until January 4th , 2002 , Thursdays and Fridays.