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19.07.2001 : 14th day in court

Burocratic assistance to identify the accused?

At the beginning of todays court case, there was an unusual view:


This was the slogan that app. 20 of todays visitors displayed on their white t-shirts, who wanted to demonstrate their disapproval of the extremely long time of remand custody for the accused.

During the following renewed examination of the BKA officer Schulzke, he was supposed to report about the circumstances that led to the identification of the accused during the interviews of Tarek Mousli.

According to Schulzkes memory, Mousli identified 4 of the accused definitly as former members of the Revolutionary Cells, while watching BKA pictures of possible suspects.

With one exception he was unable to name these persons with their first and family name. The greatest doubts occurred after several hours of efforts at the question of the identity of the alledged member Heiner. According to the investigators office, Heiner was identical with the former leader of the Foreign Office of the Technical University Berlin, Matthias B., who was arrested in spring of 2000. According to statements by Schulzke, Mousli had identified Heiner as the journalist Hans-Ulrich D.. After Mousli was confronted by the BKA that according to research material by the BKA , D. would not qualify as a suspect in this case, the Crown Witness changed his mind and stated that Matthias B. was Heiner.

In the second half of the day, Federal Prosecutor Morre( leading investigator in the Karry case), talked as a witness about his version of the identification of the alledged member of the RZ, Heiner. Morre, who interviewed Mousli in January 2000 about his knowledge in the Karry case, meant to have made a surprise discovery while talking to Mousli:

During a "warm-up" talk with the crown witness about Morre's time in school in Berlin, Mousli discovers, that Heiner is the son of Morre's former high school teacher.

Several weeks later Matthias B. was arrested in Berlin.

A story out of the middle of life(that's life).

The court case will continue on Friday July 20th.