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18.10.2001: 29th court day

Yet again, eloquent witnesses in the RZ trial

The course of the proceedings was marked by a certain redundancy: three reports and the statement of a deceased witness were read out and two witnesses were questioned.

The reports related to a car which partially burnt out in October 1986, in which not only a "USBV" (Unconventionally Home Made Fire Device), but also a folding bicycle, were found.

The deceased witness had lost his identity card in the mid-1980's, reported it lost and did not receive it back. This identity card was used to firstly buy the above mentioned car, and secondly, to rent a "conspiratorial flat" in Berlin.

The second witness, was the then owner of a car, which was used by the attackers as a template to construct a duplicate in October 1986.

The third witness was the next-door neighbour of Harald Hollenberg at the time of the attack.

After the questioning, defending lawyer Euler requested a stay of proceedings for 30 days in order to examine the, until now, "suppressed" evidence.

The public prosecution said that the first transcripts would arrive next week, the entire set of transcripts could be expected in three weeks.

The court ended the proceedings for the day and announced a decision on Euler's request for the next trial day.