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18.05.2001: 2nd day in court

Sabine E. unable to follow proceedings - stagnation in the court case

Due to the labile state of health of Sabine E. , the court case was adjourned to the next Friday.
Around noon, the accused was examined in the Pankow prison by a court certified doctor, who confirmed, that she would be unable to follow proceedings because she sufferd from a severe migrane attack. The examination of the doctor in court led around 13:20 to the adjournment.

Yesterday the defence councils of Sabine E. had already asked for a bail hearing, but that had been denied by the Presiding Judge Hennig. Considering todays situation, the defence councils pushed again for a substantial change in the remand situation, including her release from remand. The fact, that the court was unable to come up with a fast and appropriate transformation of its decision to find a doctor on a short notice for the examination, caused an uproar at the other participants of the case.
Consequently there was a waiting period of more than 4 hours.

Both the accused and the councilors had massiv complaints, that the accused, disregarding an order of the court, were not returned to their cells but had to wait in the cells of the court house.

The court case will continue Friday 25.05 at 9:15 , presumably with the reading of former court decisions and texts of the magazine "Revolutionary Rage".

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