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17.08.2001 :

new record set: Court met for 20 minutes ( 20th day in court)

After a break of four weeks, the court case resumed today. Approximately 30 visitors had found their way to Moabit (court location). But the day in court was over after a record breaking time of only 20 minutes.

After the attendance of the accused was confirmed, the Reporting Judge Hanschke read passages of the paper "Revolutionary Rage", 6th issue of the magazine of the "Revolutionary Cells" - Jan 1981. In this text, the RZ explain their concept of a "Popular Guerilla". Passages were read regarding this concept, about the necessity of the anti- imperialistic fight, and regarding the role of women in the RZ and in the Red Zora.

After this was finished and a small humoristic scetch of councelor Eisenberg, who doubted that the logo of the Red Zora was known by the court and subsequently asked the court for a description of the symbol, the court case was interrupted.

The court case will resume Thursday August 23rd at 9:15.