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17.05. 2001: 1st day in court

Charges read

Today the second attempt in the Berlin RZ court case started before the First Senate of the High Court. This was necessary as a result of the decision of the Federal High Court, that the court case against Rudolf Sch. has to be amalgamated with the case against Sabine E., Matthias B., Axel H., and Harald G., which had started on March 22.

As the Federal Prosecutors stated in the charges that were read today, they accuse all five to have been a member in the Revolutionary Cells since 1985 lasting into the nineties.. While they charge 4 of the accused with membership in a terrorist group, Rudolf Sch. is (also) charged with ringleadership.
All five took allegedly part in an explosives attack against the Social Welfare Office for Asylum Seekers in the year 1986. Matthias B., Harald G., and Axel H. are additionally charged with the attack against the Berlin Victory Column in 1991.

Before charges were read, Councilors Studzinski and Kalek challenged the President of Courts Senate Ms. Henning, for bias. Both applications were not decided. An affidavit of the council of Sabine E. for a spoken bail hearing was turned down.

Harald G supported the affidavid of his councilor with a longer statement where he defined his position to the current court case and the courts procedures. He criticised the way the court was handling the case and dealt with the methods of investigation of the Federal Crown and the Federal Police. Both agencies had ended up in a community of fate with the crown witness Tarek Mousli.
(The full text of Haralds paper can be found under :www.freilassung.de/erkl/ha170501/ha1.htm in german language).

The court case will continue on Friday 18th, May at 9:15, when old court decisions from the 80ies and nineties will be read.

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