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Crown witness's statement (7th day in court)

On todays 7th day in court, the witness of the crown, Tarek Mousli, was called to the stand for the first time.

After the Defense, the Crown and the Judge had agreed, that the Court should hear Mouslis statement first, the Presiding Judge Henning started with questions regarding the autobiography of the witness.

Next were questions regarding his political development and his move from Kiel to Berlin in 1981/82.

The examination of Mousli, who was accompanied by at least 5 personal guards of the BKA, continued on the afternoon. Here he was asked mainly, when and how the Crown Witness Programm was offered to him. After a query by the court, he admitted, that he was pressed into this direction already in April of 1999.

A dispute erupted between the court and the defence, when Tarek Mousli refused to answer questions about a telephone call between himself and his girl friend, that they had shortly before he confirmed to take advantage of the crown witness program with the crown prosecutor. ("I'm not allowed to quote this")

The court case will continue Thursday, June 21st at 9:15 with furter examination of the crown witness.