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13.09.2001: 21st day in court

Karmen T., Mousli's former girlfriend, repeats credible and incriminatingstatements against the Crown Witness

The defence lawyers Studzinsky and Würdinger today applied for the release of the presently withheld documents and 955 tapes which resulted from the interception of Tarek Mousli's telephone, in order for the defence to inspect the relevant evidence. In relation to this matter they requested the stay of proceedings as well as a release from custody for the accused. All defence lawyers joined this request.

During her interrogation, Mousli's former partner Karmen T. again confirmed earlier statements: she remembers Mousli stating his involvement in the attack against Günter Korbmacher. In the preparation for the attack he had observed at which times the judge left his house and when he returned. On the day of the attack, he had sat on the motorbike with another man and according to Mousli, he himself had shot the judge in the legs two or three times.

Mousli also told Karmen T. of his involvement in the attack on the Aliens Office (ZSA). She also remembered statements by her ex-partner about his involvement in attacks against vehicles or planes planned before 1995, the carrying out of which had been abandoned at short notice. After some explosives had been stolen from their cellar, Mousli had further told her that he continued to grant "small services" ("kleine Dienste") to the group even after he had left the same. One of these services had been the drawing up of a wiring diagram.

During the interrogation by the defence, Karmen T. reported on her and Mousli's financial situation. During the time of their relationship they held a joint account. Mousli had taken up several loans at that time as well as paying back some others. Because he was obviously delayed with several payments or failed to pay them at all, they often received visits by bailiffs. The court wants to decide on the above mentioned request by the defence next week.