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12.10.2001: 28th court day

Court refuses to grant the accused Harald G. protection from further attacks by the public prosecution

The trial observers only had to force themselves through an hour of proceedings today. The trial day began with a short dispute over the lacking response of the panel to a declaration by the public prosecution (Bundesanwaltschaft - BAW) of 4th October, in which the BAW declared "war" to the defence team of Harald G.. The day ended with an even shorter hearing of a criminal police investigator in relation to the Hollenberg case. Shortly after 10.30am, the spectacle in the Superior Court of Justice of Berlin, which can barely be said to resemble a court case, was adjourned until 18 October.

The accused Harald G. attempted in vain to receive a response from the court as to what steps the latter had taken to protect him from the declaration of war by the BAW against his defence lawyers Studzinski und Würdinger. The presiding judge Hennig obviously saw no necessity to take any steps. Defence lawyers Kaleck and Eisenberg also demanded an explanation of the unreasonable behaviour of the BAW. This forced the judge to confirm an exaggerated and polemic choice of words by the BAW, which, however, had been completely in line with the way the trial had proceeded so far, she thought.

Following that, the criminal investigation officer Klaus S. took the witness stand. He was supposed to be questioned on the finding of a car, VW Type Passat, in October 1986, which was allegedly used in the attack against judge Hollenberg. Even after viewing 30 pages of photos, the witness could not remember significant details of the happenings, in the last instance however, he could remember that he had taken part in the investigation.