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1th day in court:

Witness examination that sends out signals of lies

At the beginning of todays court proceedings there was a delay of one hour, as the general public was not maintained. Due to slow proceedings in the search of the visitors, at the originally scheduled begin at 9:15, a large group of visitors were still waiting at the entrance.

After proceedings started, the crown witness was confronted by the Presiding Judge Hennig and the Reporting Judge Hanschke with his own statements from the previous day in court and with results of the investigation. Hereby the focus was on his statements regarding the accused Matthias B. and his description of the inner structure of the Revolutionary Cells.

Through crossexamination by the lawyer Lunnebach, the crown Witness was forced to relativize his statements regarding the process of identification of Matthias B. Mousli had been questioned about this as a witness in January 2000 by Federal Prosecutor Morre.

Afterwards the examination by the Court focussed on the financial situation of the Crown Witness. During the following cross examination by the defence lawyers Becker and Eisenberg, Mousli wanted to refuse answers regarding his financial situation with a hint to the Witness Protection Program. The Court denied his right to do so. Consequently it became clear, that the Crown Witness was in personal debt, owing at least several 10.000 DM at the time of his arrest.

The court case will continue Friday July 13th, 9:15