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07.09.2001: 20th day in court

Karmen T., Mousli's former girlfriend, repeats incriminating statements against the Crown Witness

Today, Karmen T., Mousli's former partner, was interrogated as a witness in the RZ-trial. She thereby confirmed the statements she made towards the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (Bundeskriminalamt - BKA) in 1999.

According to the evidence she gave, Mousli had told her that in the attack against the judge Korbmacher, he himself had driven the motorbike as well as shooting the judge in the legs. When in 1995 some explosives were stolen from the couple's cellar, Mousli had explained to Karmen T. that he had kept the explosives as a "small favour" for a group he had been part of as a "leader" ("führender Kopf") in the past, but which he had since parted from.

Further, the witness gave statements in relation to allegedly false passports and protective glasses which Mousli had stored in their cellar, and which he had supposedly used for meetings with comrades. Concerning Mousli's financial situation, Karmen T. explained that Mousli had received 100,000 DM from his brother and that she had learned from another debt acknowledgement form that Mousli owed another 40,000 DM.

In November 1999, the BKA had offered Karmen T. a place in their witness protection programme, which she refused. Up to now, the defence has not received any relevant files with regards to this matter.

In general, Karmen T. responded to the questions in a concentrated manner, gave conclusive evidence and came across as a credible witness. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of the Canadian North-West territories decided in favour of the extradition of Lothar E. to the German authorities. Lothar E. was again taken into custody and his lawyer declared he would appeal against the decision.