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06.07.2001: 11th day in court

Confusion in the Memories

After the application of the defence for bias of the court was declared: "obviously unfounded" and "not admissible" , today the examination of the crown witness by the court resumed. Tarek Mousli was questioned about his way into the RZ and his way out, as well as about a meeting, called by Mousli the "forest hike", where almost all members of the two Berlin based groups of the RZ participated. Furthermore it was dealt with his relationship to Gerd Albartus and to the accused.

The court didn't confront the Crown Witness with quotes from his filed interviews, but was satisfied with common explanations. At the few questions, Mousli pleaded some gaps in his memories. " There my memory must have stumbled...".

The Presiding Judge Hennig closed todays court with the request, Mousli should prepare himself for the upcoming day in court for questions about the complexes : "Hollenberg" and "Korbmacher".

The court case will continue on Juli 12th at 9:15