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Freedom For Sabine, Axel, And Harald!

On Sunday, December 19, 1999, at 6:00am, around 1000 police, masked GSG-9 cops, BKA-BGS-BAW agents, and local Berlin pigs raided the Mehringhof in Berlin-Kreuzberg. At the same time, Harald and Axel, two volunteers from the Mehringhof, were arrested in Berlin, and Sabine was arrested at her home in Frankfurt. All three are being charged with membership in a "terrorist association", the Revolutionary Cells (RZ). One is charged with storing and maintaining weapons and explosives in the Mehringhof complex. During the raid on the Mehringhof, about 20 people who had been at a party there the night before were detained for 5-6 hours, during which time they could not use the phone or the toilets or drink water. Three of these people may have been arrested, and one person is now in deportation custody. It was three hours before tenants of the complex could enter. In the meantime, all locks had been broken open and the entire city block was sealed off. The cops searched all the rooms in the complex, checked the computers, confiscated papers, tore up the floors, and drilled holes in the walls in an effort to find explosives.

And what did they find? Nothing!

In the meantime, Sabine, Axel, and Harald were carted off to Karlsruhe, and then to jail cells in Wuppertal, Dusseldorf, and Cologne. Outside the Mehringhof, police provoked and attacked protestors, and arrested two people, who have since been released.

Sabine, Axel, And Harald Must Be Set Free Immediately!
Freedom For All Political Prisoners Worldwide!
Against The Criminalization Of Leftist Projects!
Death To State Terrorism!

(Source: Berlin autonomists; Translated by Arm The Spirit)

http://www.freilassung.de/otherl/arm/raid1 .htm